Nourishing Hearts 2023

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Join us in a heartfelt mission to nurture our community's spirit this Thanksgiving. As we gather to celebrate gratitude, we recognize that sharing the warmth of a loving meal can mend hearts and kindle hope. Giving Back to Community's Thanksgiving food distribution is more than just nourishing bodies; it's a gesture that feeds the soul. 🌍💚 This year, we aim to touch lives and inspire compassion in abundance. Together, we can fill tables with more than just food. We fill them with hope, love, unity, and resilience. Let's embrace the true spirit of Thanksgiving by coming together to uplift those in need, reminding them that they are cherished members of our community. Your support, whether through donations, volunteering, or spreading the word, is a vital ingredient in our recipe for spreading love and kindness this holiday season. Let's gather, give, and grow, as we nurture not only empty stomachs but also the hearts of our cherished community. Join us in making this Thanksgiving an unforgettable feast of compassion. Together, we will nurture hearts, one meal at a time." Join us for an unforgettable event at 31 E Merrick Rd, Valley Stream, NY, 11580, USA on the 18th of November, 2023 between 12:00pm to 6:00pm EST. Together, we'll take significant strides towards alleviating hunger worldwide. Mark your calendar and be part of "Nourishing Hearts". Together, we can make a powerful impact and bring hope to those facing food insecurity. 🌟🤝🍲

18 Nov
Nourishing Hearts 2023
  • Venue: 31 E Merrick Rd, Valley Stream, NY, 11580, USA
  • Phone: 516-993-0977
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