We have been fortunate to accomplish the following milestones in the past 13 years through community support and private donations. As part of our community engagement strategy, we would like to share a little about ourselves. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in hunger and poverty eradication. We believe that education is one of the tickets to success for many members of our communities … playing a major role in resolving hunger and poverty issues globally. 

Sep 2009

Our History

Giving Back to Community was established.

The purpose of this charity is to empower the needy by providing them with basic needs such as education and nutrition. We also want to create an environment to encourage those people to DREAM BIG and be the best versions of themselves. 

Dec 2009

Our first recurring project

We began our premier food distribution.

Since 2009 we have held a food distribution event annually, having hosted over 13 in Onitsha, Nigeria. We give needy families food items to help provide relief which enables them to meet other basic needs: renting homes, getting an education, finding employment and healthcare. The number of families benefiting from this distribution doubles annually.

May 2011

Ogboli Primary School's library rehabilitation

Equipping a school library

We furnished the library at Ogboli Primary School in Onitsha, Nigeria with books, tables and chairs, shelves, carpeting, a celling fan and a computer. We aim to continue contributing towards development in the community by giving back to our host country and making a difference.

Jul 2011

Ogboli Primary School repair

No more leaky roof!

We fixed the leaking roof at Ogboli Primary School in Onitsha, Nigeria. We want all students to be warm and comfortable in their classrooms as they learn.

Jul 2011

St. Mary's Primary School library rehabilitation

Improving a school's environment

We furnished Saint Mary's Primary School library with books, tables and chairs, shelves, a computer, carpet tiles, a wall clock and a television - all to enhance the learning of students.

Sep 2014

We awarded scholarships

Helping to educate

We awarded full scholarships to 12 high school students in Nigeria, Africa.

Aug 2016

Playground refurbishment

Focusing on the importance of PLAY

We built playgrounds at Ezechima Primary School, Obgoli Primary School, and Saint Mary's Primary School to help students have a better outdoor environment and the addition of PLAY as part of their curriculum.

Jul 2019

Musical instruments provided

Music to our ears

We purchased and donated musical instruments to Saint Mary’s Primary School to help students enjoy a creative extracurricular activity - what better one than music!

Aug 2020

Onitsha / USA Covid-19 Relief Fund

Helping families heal

We donated $500 to Onitsha / USA Covid-19 Relief Fund to assist families affected by the pandemic.

Aug 2021

Library chair donation for Anglican Girls Secondary School

Everyone deserves a seat

We collaborated with the alumnae of Anglican Girls Secondary School in Onitsha, Africa to contribute library chairs during the rehabilitation of their library.

Dec 2021

School supplies and winter accessories donation for Fannie Barnes Residence

Keeping warm

We gave out goody bags to kids plus donated bookbags, stationeries, and winter accessories (socks, hats, gloves) to Fannie Barnes Residence in Brooklyn, New York.

Dec 2021

Provided basic needs to Samaritan Dayton Village

Clean, warm & fruity!

We donated hygiene kits and winter accessories (hats, scarves, socks, gloves) to Samaritan Dayton Village in Jamaica, New York. We also distributed to them a variety of fruit: apples, oranges and bananas.

Dec 2011

Item donations to Kaizen Academy

Warm for the winter

Kaizen Academy in Ozone Park, Queens, New York was the recipient of our donated school supplies (book bags, stationeries) and winter accessories (socks, hats, gloves); we also distributed goody bags to the students.

Jun 2022

Medical needs for families in Tigray, Ethiopia

Vital medical attention

We donated $600 to help provide medical attention and relief to several families affected by the civil war in Tigray, Ethiopia. We coordinated the donation through a Tigrayan representative.

Jul 2022

Provided capital for women-owned small businesses

I am woman!

We helped to empower three strong women from low income families by providing capital to set up their small business enterprises.

Sep 2022

Provided student scholarships

Because everyone deserves to learn

We awarded full scholarships to two students from low income families in Nigeria, Africa.

Nov 2022

Food drive in Long Island

Hunger in the states

After hosting a food drive, we donated the proceeds to vulnerable individuals in Elmont, Long Island, New York.

Dec 2022

Donations of accessories, clothing and shoes

Helping the homeless

We donated much-needed winter accessories, clothing and shoes to homeless individuals at Fannie Barnes Residence in Brooklyn, New York.

Dec 2022

Food, clothing, backpack distribution

The necessities

We hosted our annual food distribution in Nigeria, plus distributed backpacks and clothing items to vulnerable children there.


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FEED THE HUNGRY International

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Food Distribution Event Onitsha 2023

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To help those in need, we focus on ...

Saying NO! to starvation

Join us in our Giving Back to the World effort and make an impact on the communities we touch. Eliminating poverty means you are part of a much bigger picture – our vision is to eliminate starvation caused by extreme poverty. We assist individuals or families with little or no income. We envision a society where no child lives in poverty, no one goes to bed hungry, and all children have the opportunity to reach their full potential, since poor and starving children lag behind their peers.

Quality Education

Our ultimate goal is to use education as a weapon to bring significant change in various communities. We believe it is imperative to promote and foster scholastic achievement within various communities by improving quality and standard of education in schools, and by awarding scholarships and grants to deserving children facing financial constraints who might not be able to continue their education without help.


… in the field

The issues we work on vary, yet they share 
the characteristics of being significant and complicated. We hope to make our impacts long-lasting, and we know they will not be solved easily or quickly – we cannot solve
them on our own. We perform our work in collaboration with volunteers, stakeholders
and other partners who join us in taking risks and pushing for new solutions. Our collective efforts to eradicate poverty and hunger depend on the support and resources.


… in strategizing

We develop goals and strategies before allocating resources and making investments. We continually conduct research, collect and share data on our progress, and reflect on lessons learned. Essential to this process is ongoing dialogue with our stakeholders and partners which is rooted throughout our strategy lifecycle.

… in measuring and evaluating results

We focus on measuring progress toward our goals using the most important metrics, which support learning and adjustment. However, the nature and frequency of measurement depends on the type of work. Evaluation is a collaborative learning tool that provides us and our stakeholders with feedback so we can improve, adjust, and decide how best to achieve outcomes. We work to ensure that our stakeholders have the capacity and support they need.